The Voltari 260

Ballistic Charcoal

Custom colours available on request.


Boat Price: USD $397,000*

*Excludes Add-On Charger and/or Trailer configuration. See details below.

Place a $1000 fully-refundable deposit.

$1,000.00 Regular price
Unit price

Specs & Details

Boat Price:
USD $ 397,000

• Boat 26’ (28.11 LOA)
• Weight: 7000 lbs
• Draft 31”
• Peak power: 550 kw
• Horsepower: 740
• Torque: 1350Nm (995 lbf.ft)
• Nominal battery Capacity: 142 kw h

*Option: Trailer

*USD +16,500

• Dual torsion axle

• C channel aluminum painted black

• LED lighting w/LED lighting on top of frame

• Spare mount w/tire

• Aluminum Rims

• Retractable tie downs front and back

• Black carpet

• VOLTARI logo and decal

*Option: Charger

*USD +4,000 – +16,000

Multiple charging options available to suit your specific needs. Our options consultation will walk you through the features and options for your selection.

*Installation not included (purchaser is responsible for electrical installation of the charger, and compliance with specific local codes, permits, and inspections for both charging and a switch for back up power option.