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Voltari First Edition

Voltari set out to make a better boat. Simply put, our value proposition combines high-grade materials, the most advanced technology, top-drawer service and a thrilling high-performance boating experience – that happens to be electric. Voltari is the world’s first electric performance boat, and our goal is nothing short of redefining the industry.

Our hulls are made of carbon fiber and are the latest generation of legendary world championship Deep V performance designs. Put the bow into the waves and watch it eat!!

Like any boat, ours requires basic maintenance to your boat components and outdrive. That said, EV power trains are virtually maintenance-free. No oil changes, no engine flushes, no fuel line checks.  Simply charge it up and have fun. 

In North America: our propulsion systems are manufactured in Seattle and engineered in Montreal QC, our batteries are manufactured in Montreal, our hull lamination is done in Canada’s National Capital Region and the finishing work takes place at Fort VOLTARI on the UNESCO-world-heritage Rideau Canal waterway in historic Merrickville, ON.  We have sales, marketing, and service offices in Raleigh, NC and Fort Myers, Florida. 

It’s actually mind-blowingly silent for most boaters. The experience of hearing only the sound of wind, water and your friends talking to you casually at 40+ km/h is very unique. You will now hear the minimal sounds made by your power steering and outdrive that you simply never heard over engine noise before. 

This boat comes fully loaded as stock with amazing lighting and world-class stereo from Rockford Fosgate, ultra-luxurious marine-grade Alcantara hand-stitched interior, custom Sea Deck, and much more. There are some customer colour choices of exterior Gelcoat finish as well as for interior Alcantara textiles, stitching and sea deck. Trailer and dock charger are also optional add-ons. 

Specifications & Performance

Much like any vehicle, whether it’s EV or fossil-fuel, it really depends on how you drive it, plus wind and current conditions are aways a factor. This boat is designed for a full day’s use for most average boaters. 

In order to gain some perspective, you can achieve a range of 60km at cruising speed of 50km/h, at a approx. cost of $12 (based on hydro rate of 10.45 cents per KWH). This translates easily to a full day’s use for most boaters.

As with any vehicle, range decreases when pushing higher speeds for longer periods, and increases considerably at idle and slower speeds. Distances of 150+km are possible at idol speeds and going 113km/h will give you less range than cruise speeds.

Keep in mind boating range is not as simple as looking at linear distance (as we do in automotive) as most boaters go from place to place, moving through slow-down zones, they stop to swim, anchor at a beach, raft up with other boats, or perhaps even hit a restaurant or friends dock for a few hours.

The journey is often the destination, and your Voltari is designed to get you a full day experience on the water with your family and friends.  

The Voltari First Edition’s max speed is 113km/h, and it loves to cruise between 45 and 55km/h.

You can charge at your own dock by adding a marine pedestal with 50a or 100a service, or at a marina using their 50a or 100a pedestal in combination with a Voltari or off-the-shelf charger, or you can plug in to a fast charger. A 50a charge can run overnight at 11.5 hours, a 100a charge takes 8 hours, and a VOLTARI supercharger can complete a full charge in 45 minutes.  Imagine never carrying another jerry can again or wasting valuable time lining up at your local marina waiting for fuel.  

Keep in mind that we use an industry-standard J1772 connector, so you can also charge the Voltari First Edition on your trailer at almost any automotive charging station.

You can purchase a charger or adapter to suit your needs from the VOLTARI Power section on our site. Or you can use any marine 50a or 100a service in combination with a VOLTARI charger or any off-the-shelf EV charger. The Voltari First Edition uses a standard automotive J1772 charging port and has adaptors available for compatibility with standard marine “shore power” pedestals and a number of automotive EV chargers. We will be happy to provide guidance and specifications to you or your electrical contractor, to make sure you are all set for a day on the water. 

Honestly, the same as if you run out of gas or diesel. With any boat, it’s a great idea to plan for these things with a tow membership if you are not watching your fuel/charge levels. If you burn out your entire charge on the high-voltage battery, as with a fossil-fuel boat, your 12v battery will still be fully charged, running your USB ports to charge your mobile, and running your VHF to support a distress signal or a radio call.  


There is a 10-year battery and hull warranty. More details are available in our Warranty section

Order & Delivery

Yes. If you are interested in a Voltari, please place your deposit and that will allow you to book a private consultation and test drive. If you don’t love the Voltari ride your $1000 deposit is refundable. Contact us: test drive locations will vary as our test drive models will be mobile around North America. Bringing a test drive model to a requested location may be at the prospective customers’ own expense for travel and staff costs. Once you come on board, we are confident it will change your view on boating forever, as it did ours. 

We can connect to our boats from anywhere in the world if there is a mobile connection, to help provide support, diagnosis if necessary, and guidance. Our Aqua Marine physical service team currently provides customer service in continental North America, but we will be expanding to more locations soon.

For those who simply can’t wait to join the VOLTARI movement, we are willing to service outside of North America if the customer covers travel and living at cost for our technicians.

We are currently in production for 2022 and 2023 deliveries. Contact us to reserve a production slot with associated delivery time.

Production slots are booking up quickly; contact us and we’ll be able to tell you the next available slot and associated delivery date.

Our team reaches out to you right away and will work with you through the complete Voltari experience. First comes the initial consultation, followed by our options consultation where we will be walking you through the features and options for your selection, then you can follow along as your build takes place, and even get a factory tour.

As production begins, we outline a schedule and timeline for the next payments. 45% payment will be required upon commencement of hull lamination, then another 45% when your lithium powertrain is being commissioned, and finally the balance on delivery, which includes a full consultation on how to run and charge your new Voltari. You can pick your boat up at the factory for no charge, or we can deliver it to you for a fee.


We’re glad you asked!  For the full VOLTARI story, go to the “OUR STORY” section of the website. Or check out our “MAKING OF VOLTARI” documentary series on our YouTube page. 

If you're interested in investing, please visit our Investors page for additional information.

We have long-term plans for building out our portfolio of offerings, as the EV marine market continues to expand. We intend to retain our leadership position in performance EV boating! Watch here for advance previews of the next-generation VOLTARI products.

Yes, we are! Please see the “Hiring Now” section of our website.