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Clean Energy. Clean Waterways.

Flip the switch on the future of fun, without engine exhaust or noise pollution. Cleaner waters and happier marine life.

Future generations will thank us.

740 HP of EV power

It’s a “wow” moment every single time. 
Feel the rush of 740 Horsepower of EV power sending 1,000 foot pounds of torque to the propeller. Your VOLTARI leaps smoothly onto plane as you and your guests smile uncontrollably. 

It’s a thrill you’ll never get tired of.

Unparalleled sound quality.

Silence the engine racket. Talk with your friends or turn up the volume on the high-definition stereo system. Experience the freedom once and you’ll never want to go back.

Cut through waves

Ocean-capable Deep-Vee 24º Deadrise Performance Hull cuts through waves, reducing resistance, contributing to better performance, and providing a more comfortable ride.

Carbon Fiber Construction

Carbon Fiber is strong yet lightweight, meaning better efficiency, more power and longer range on the water. Every VOLTARI is handmade with aerospace-grade carbon fiber to ensure maximum strength, and durability.

Convenient Charging

Charging is a cinch with the standard 220/240v power pedestals at marinas and docks everywhere. Start every day with a full boat and never line up for gas again.

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