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Voltari Chargers

Easy-to-use Charging Solutions by VOLTARI Power

VOLTARI’s dockside chargers are compatible with existing infrastructure of 220V power hookups provided at marinas for other types of boats.

A VOLTARI operator can use them to recharge at any location offering marine power pedestals.

Charging Times

You can charge at your own dock by adding a marine pedestal with 50a or 100a service, or at a marina using their 50a or 100a pedestal in combination with a VOLTARI or off-the-shelf charger, or you can plug in to a fast charger.

A 50a charge can run overnight at 13.5 hours, a 100a charge takes 8 hours, and a VOLTARI supercharger can complete a full charge in 45 minutes. Imagine never carrying another jerry can again or wasting valuable time lining up at your local marina waiting for fuel.

Our chargers connect to the boat with an industry-standard J1772 connector, so you can also charge your VOLTARI 260 on your trailer at almost any automotive charging station.

40 Amp

This charger is included with every VOLTARI at no charge.

It is small, compact, fits in a bag and can be used at any marina or dock with an existing 50a marine connection or pedestal. Ideal for traveling around to different destinations when you don’t want to bring the larger 80a charger.   

We list them for sale on our site for replacement purposes or for those using non-VOLTARI EV’s (for example, a 20kW PWC would charge in just over 2 hours using this and standard marine 50a shorepower plug).

Charging Time:
 Charges at 8.8kW per hour. The VOLTARI
260 has 142kWh of capacity.

This charger can take the battery from 0% to 100% in15 hours (although starting from 0% state of charge is rare). 

The average charge time for going from 30% to 100% battery state of charge is 10 hours.

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80 Amp

Never line up at another gas dock again.

Perfect for your home base or marina slip. Plugs into any existing marine 100a shore power pedestal. Although it is portable, its size and weight makes it less convenient
to for out-and-about charging than our 40a charger.   

If you are keeping your VOLTARI on a lift at home and do not have an existing 100a pedestal, you can choose to add one or have the charger hardwired to the panel
by your electrical contractor.

Single-gun AC Charger 25ft cable - works with J1772 adaptor.

Charging Time:
 Charges at 15.4kW per hour. The VOLTARI 260 has 142kWh of capacity.

This charger can take the battery from 0% to 100% in 9 hours (although starting from 0% state of charge is rare). The average charge time for going from 30% to 100% battery state of charge is 6 hours.

Regardless of your state of charge, if you plug in when you get back to the dock, you’ll enjoy a fully charged boat every morning. 

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For marinas, dock operators, municipalities and government sites that want to offer fast-charge options to EV boaters. Contact us today for details and a quote.

Charging Time: 0% to 95% battery in 45 minutes

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