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VOLTARI 40 Amp Charger

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This charger is included with every VOLTARI at no charge.

It is small, compact, fits in a bag and can be used at any marina or dock with an existing 50a marine connection or pedestal. Ideal for traveling around to different destinations when you don’t want to bring the larger 80a charger. 

We list them for sale on our site for replacement purposes or for those using non-VOLTARI EV’s (for example, a 20kW PWC would charge in just over 2 hours using this and standard marine 50a shorepower plug)

Charging Time: Charges at 8.8kW per hour. The VOLTARI 260 has 142kWh of capacity.

Still have Questions?

Contact your VOLTARI Sales Representative to get some answers or view our FAQ for more information.

for every voltari customer

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