Boat Service Made Simpler, Easier
and Less Expensive Than Ever Before

You’ve done your homework, you’ve made your choice, you’ve bought the boat of your dreams. Now there’s two things between you and carefree hours on the water: fuel prices, and the cost and hassle of servicing and repairs.   

Solve the first problem with Voltari’s cost-crushing all-electric drive system.  And solve the second with a service plan like nothing the industry has ever seen.

Predictable, low annual service costs

Experienced boat owners know that annual service and repair costs add up to approximately 10% of the boat’s retail price… and often more.  Service needs are also unpredictable, making for difficulty with budgeting--and frustration when your boat’s in the shop and not at the dock.


How Voltari Service Works:

Voltari’s Over the Air (OTA)
connectivity gives you access to 24/7/365 support anywhere in the world, via wireless 5G hardware included with your boat. Voltari can run system checks, diagnose, send updates, and in many cases repair issues remotely via our call centre team. You only need to opt in to our OTA plan and be in a wireless coverage zone. 

For issues that need a hands-on fix, our expert team of Aqua Marine Technicians comes to you. No calls or trips to the marina. They’ll carry out the work at your location, and for repairs that cannot be done on site, they will be equipped with the proper truck and trailer setup to bring your boat to one of our Voltari-approved service bays across North America.

Our technicians will be deployed within 72 hours of a ticket being placed via your OTA call centre.  

What’s included?

Pretty much everything! Powertrain, Motor, Drive, Batteries, Electronics, Lighting, even your bilge pumps and horn; in fact, everything but your hull--which has its own 10-year limited warranty. 

What’s not included?  Repairs/service resulting from accidents, improper operation, negligence, acts of God – issues which are outside the purview of routine service/repairs.

How much is it?

This is the fun part! Voltari completely removed the cost of fuel, and now we are reducing the cost and inconvenience of service. 

This all-inclusive plan lets you budget the cost of a boat over a 10-year span for the first time ever – at an annual rate closer to 1% of purchase cost rather than the traditional 10%. Why does this work?  We’ve designed our boats with a level of quality that radically reduces repair/service needs. We know how little it costs to keep them on the water, and we’re willing to pass that savings on to you.

First Year

  • OTA support included free for all Voltari purchasers.
  • Aqua Marine Mobile Technician service included free for all Voltari purchasers.

Second - Tenth Years

  • Annual cost of plan payable on anniversary of delivery of your Voltari boat
  • OTA support USD $1500 annually for 24/7 support, service and updates
  • Aqua Marine Mobile Technician service USD $5000 (must also subscribe to OTA)
  • Plan coverage must be continuous; cannot be interrupted with years of no purchase

Is this plan available worldwide?

Our Aqua Marine Service Plans are currently available in the Continental USA and Canada. Voltari is set to launch our Global Aqua Marine Service Plans soon. Please contact us for a service quote outside of these areas.

Is Voltari Aqua Marine Service transferable?

Yes, if the vessels Aqua Marine Service Plan was brokered with Voltari. For transferrable Aqua Marine Service all crafts must pass & qualify for our Certified Pre-Owned Program. New owners may carry the Service Plan up to the end of the tenth year from the crafts original purchase date.