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Range Details

Much like any vehicle, whether it’s EV or fossil-fuel, it really depends on how you drive it.
Wind and current conditions are also always a factor.


Intercoastal speeds

(no wake zones or Speed/Manatee zones) 4-7MPH


Up to 100 Miles
Cruising speeds


Up to 40 Miles
Running time with your stereo at full blast, and all your lights on. 
Multiple weeks on end!!
Average daily distance traveled in North America for most Gas and Diesel powered boats.

(small pleasure craft)

8 Miles, so we got you covered.

Designed for a Full Day on the Water

Factors Affecting Range

This boat is designed for a full day’s use for most average boaters. For some perspective, you can have a range of up to 40 Miles at a cruising speed of 30mph. This translates easily to a full day’s use for most boaters. As with any vehicle, range decreases when pushing higher speeds for longer periods, and
increases considerably at idle and slower speeds. Distances of 100+miles are possible at idle speeds, while going 55 MPH will give you less range than
cruise speeds. Boating range is not as simple as looking at linear distance (as we do in automotive); most boaters go from place to place, moving through
slow-down zones, stopping to swim, anchoring at a beach, rafting up with other boats, or even tying up at a waterside restaurant or a friend’s dock for a few

Performance boating is about the journey; your VOLTARI is designed to give you a full day’s experience on the water with your family and friends.

For Every VOLTARI Customer

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